Harvest of Hope: Feeding Our Community

Organized by The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chevy Chase

My Goal

$11,847 of $500

Join us in our Virtual Food Drive! Help support our community by donating online to provide essential food items for those in need.

kid eating a sandwich
General Donation

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Healthy Back Up Box
15lbs of Shelf-Stable Food

Price: $25.00

peanut butter
Peanut Butter
24 jars

Price: $25.00

Apple Sauce
24 jars

Price: $14.00

fresh produce
Fresh Produce
Assorted items

Price: $100.00

beef stew
Beef Stew
60 cans

Price: $90.00

toasted oats cereal
32 boxes

Price: $50.00

canned peaches
Canned Peaches
60 cans

Price: $65.00

canned peas & pinto beans
Canned Vegetables
45 cans

Price: $32.00

boxed milk
28 boxes

Price: $12.00

boxed juices & water bottles
Juices & Water
Assorted items

Price: $18.00

brown rice
Brown Rice
30 bags

Price: $19.00